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Souvenir Vending Machine for AirBNB, Vacation Rentals & Tourist Places

Tourist souvenir vending machine

The souvenir vending machine is built in steel and painted in epoxy, has a tubular lock and a special key both stainless steel. The one channel vending machine contains up to 120 souvenirs and the double channel vending machine up to 240 souvenirs guaranteeing a good autonomy and a great collection of money.

The mechanical coin mechanism is adaptable to any type of currency in the world. It works with 1, 2 or maximum 3 coins per souvenir dispensed.

The measurements of the single channel vending machine are: 9x13x57 cm and the measurements of the double channel vending machine are: 9x26x57 cm.

Our guarantee, as a vending machine manufacturer, is for a lifetime: If you ever have a problem, we will immediately supply you with a new spare part for free.

Souvenirs are available in 10 collectable colours, each souvenir has a logo of a monument or a representative image and the name of the city, the town or a specific place or tourist monument.

Our souvenir is very attractive as a travel gift to bring to family and friends, due to its 10 colours and its original design. It is also very practical for tourists who spend all day outside.

What better souvenir for a tourist than a dental travel kit? And more if it has a shape and colours that immediately capture the attention of the tourists.

Its beauty is completed with a high quality printing where the logos, images and texts of the names of each city or place are chosen by our graphic department studying every detail to make tourists fall in love.

Here you can see different artistic works made for our souvenirs:

Where the souvenir vending machine should be installed

The souvenirs vending machines are installed in any establishment where thousands of tourists go daily:

• Restaurants
• Fast food and tapas bars
• Clubs
• Malls
• Hotels, hostels, pensions
• Bed and Breakfasts (B & B)
• Tourist apartments and airbnb
• Camping
• Airports
• Train and bus station
• Gas stations and service station
• Tourist and motorway stops
• Museums, monuments and tourist buildings
• Churches, basilicas, cathedrals, convents

How does this work

You have 2 ways to work into the souvenir vending machines business, both are very profitable and different:

1.- The first way is to install the souvenir vending machine free of charge in the establishment giving to the owner a 25% commission of the raised money.
In European Community, in the euro zone, the souvenir is sold at 2 euro unit, so from each sale you will have 1.50 euro gross and you will give a commission of 0.50 euros to the establishment. Your benefit for souvenir sold, according to your purchase price with the factory, will be between 300 to 500% of the gross profit. (This method is also valid for souvenirs carton displays).

2.- The second way is to sell the souvenir vending machine to the establishment generating an initial profit and then resell the souvenir at 1 euro per unit (your gross profit). The establishment will resell it in vending machine at the price of 2 euro, achieving a 100% profit (1 euro profit). In this case your benefit for souvenir sold, according to your purchase price with the factory, will be 150 to 200% of the gross profit. (This method is also valid for souvenirs carton displays).

What are the advantages for a commercial establishment?

1.- The commercial establishment makes impulse sales to tourists that visit it, earning an extra money that differently could not have obtained.

2.- The commercial establishment receives a commission of 25% of sales when it has the vending machine and the souvenirs in deposit or can makes a profit of 100% on the final price when it decides to buy the vending machine and souvenirs.

What are the economic advantages for you?

1.- You will have an opportunity to enter into the lucrative business of tourism.

You'll buy the vending machines from our factory at a very low price with a lifetime guarantee.

Depending on the number of vending machines you decide to buy, we can offer you our manufacturing cost without any benefit for us. We are here to support your business.

2.- You purchase a quality souvenir in 10 different colours with a high quality printing and at the best price of the market. All colours are mixed before being loaded into the vending machine so the tourist will buy a different colour each time he/she inserts the coins.

This variation of colours will increase your sales due to the reason that tourists will insert more coins to get the 10 colours.

3.- You will work with a benefit of up to 500% on each souvenir sale, so you will recover your initial investment in a very short time: between 15 days to 2 months depending on the number of souvenirs sold per month in each vending machine.

4.- Finally, the vending machine has a capacity of 120 souvenirs, so you can handle alone hundreds of vending machines without any need to have employees. Therefore, your benefit will be only for you and you will not have any additional cost.

Here you can see different souvenir vending machines representing some of the main tourist monuments of European cities:

Discover the souvenir cardboard displays

The souvenir cardboard display (made of high strength and durability photographic cardboard) is the ideal complement for the souvenir vending machine.

The cardboard display (that contains 50 souvenir units) is the right alternative for all places where you can not install the vending machine or where there is no space to put it.

For example, in 4 and 5 stars hotels, they probably prefer a souvenir cardboard display to put on the reception desk or in the hotel bar.

The souvenir cardboard display is also ideal in:

• Souvenir and tourist shops
• Tourist bazaar shops
• Airport stores
• Shops of all kinds of products where tourists enter
• Hotels, Hostels, Pensions
• Gas station, train and bus stations
• Shops of camping and mini tourist supermarkets
• Beach and boardwalks kiosks or tourist plazas
• Commercial establishments next to monuments
• Stores inside museums or historical palaces
• Shops within Churches, Basilicas and Cathedrals

About our company

TWICEBRUSH CO.,LIMITED was established in 2004 and was born from the desire to create an innovative and revolutionary company in the Vending sector.

The continuous innovation in the field of vending machines and the creativity of our marketing department has allowed us to reach more than 100 countries in the world.​

All our products and vending machines have global industrial design patents. This allows us to sell to our customers and distributors the vending machines at manufacturing cost (without any benefit) and the products at a very competitive price / quality, maintaining for us a very small margin of profit, offering to the vending machines operators and their establishments large margins of profit.

Our company also favours the final consumers, because the final prices of our products sold in vending machines or through the carton displays are normally between 1 and 2 euro maximum.

Best regards,
Jack Geng